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Our story since 2002...

Bin Ablan Foods Industry has been around for quite a bit of time now. However, since we opened our eyes we have been working on one thing only! CAKES! mainly Cupcakes actually! 

The idea of opening up a cupcake plant came to Mr. Mohsen Al Mazrouei (Our BIG BOSS) during one of his visits to Spain. For that matter, a lot of Spanish influence can be found at Bin Ablan, our fully automated production plant is Spanish, a huge chunck of our raw materials are imported from Spain. However the most important Spanish presence lies is the joint venture we have with one of the oldest and most established cupcake producers over there. Our collaboration helps in constantly developing our top secret formulas which bring to you our fluffy and moist cupcakes every day. 

we won't bore you with visions & missions! We will just tell you our small story...

we make cupcakes for you and for us!!!

Since our early days we have started many colaborations with some fo the biggest retail and distribution chains within the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Oman to name a few. We have come together to pack our special cupcakes under their various brandnames. The development and growth of our Private Label sector has made us the primary target for any retailer who wishes to outsource the production of their cupcake range! Some of our clients actually discontinued their production facilities to replace their inhouse produced cupcakes with ours!

To keep everything tight and controled we have from our early days implemented the HACCP quality control system becoming one of the first companies in our business sector to do that. Following the strict rules of the HACCP system we can gurantee our clients and consumers that we will always give them a constant level of high quality cupcakes. They never need to worry about any fluctuations, our cupcakes have always been and will stay a top of the range premium product.

State of the art faciltiy

back in April 2016 we moved to our new production facility in Dubai Investment Park where we designed our entire facility around our sublime cupcakes. Our lines run alone to keep pumping out the delicious cupcakes you enjoy everyday...

Where can you find our products???

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